Quality and Environmental Engineering

Quality and Environmental Engineering

Study programme’s generic objectives


This course comprises a set of methodologies and tools conceived to increase productivity of organizations, optimizing its performance, thus providing a better use of resources and, at the same time,allowing for environmental conservation. 

Quality includes areas of planning, design, monitoring and analysis, aiming the improvement of products and process. Environment includes areas such as environmental technologies, methodologies and environmental management systems, aiming at more efficient use of resources and also minimizing the environmental impacts associated with the production and consumption of goods and services. As a matter of fact, Quality and Environment are, nowadays, strategic areas present in all organizations, as part of good management practices, essential for sustainable growth. The course intends to confer graduates transversal knowledge and multiple skills making them able to provide for the organization’s needs in both areas of Quality and Environment.

This course will fill some gaps currently existing in the market and will contribute to the training of engineers with an interesting profile for SMEs that sometimes do not have the opportunity to hire engineers from different specialties.