Erasmus Plus Programme

Incoming student

You are an incoming student if you are nominated, under Erasmus+ programme from a partner institution and study one or two semesters at ISEL. Your course credits are to be transferred back to the degree studied in your home country.

  • How to apply - Information on your application process

    The process of becoming an incoming student Autumn/spring 

    Your home institution nominates you.

    • You will receive an email with a login to our mobility platform.
    • You submit your application (The application is online) with all required enclosures before the relevant application deadline.
    • Once submitted your application will be under validation. If the application will be validated and approved, you will be able to submit your Learning agreement on the mobility platform.
  • Process
  • Academic calendar
  • Which courses can I choose

    You can design you own study path and pick from all courses in the course list as long as you fulfil the general requisites. Expect possible course changes if courses conflict in final timetable, or if optative courses will not be available. For some courses a limited number of study places are available.

  • Who can help me find a specific course?

    As an incoming student you will have to find the courses requested from your home university by yourself.  

  • Can I change courses?

    You will be able to change courses until four weeks after the semester starts. This will leave you time to solve issues such as timetable conflicts and also attend the first lesson to get an idea of level and subjects.

  • Time tables

    Timetables will be available just before the start of the semester and typically once the student arrive.

  • Master thesis

    It is possible to do a master  thesis at our Institute as long as the relevant program can offer a supervisor within the subject. There is no guarantee to be accepted but the majority has been accepted so far. Writing a thesis at ISEL do not entitle the student to get our degree. Most students will also have to defend their thesis at their home university. At your request for a thesis please provide the following information:

    • subject area and program name of your study
    • period for writing thesis
    • level (bachelor or master)
    • number of ECTS
    • need of evaluation (grade or approved/not approved)
    • 5 to 10 lines describing the proposed subject and content
  • Arrival

    It is not recommended to arrive late for introduction and semester start. All important information will be given during welcome days in the beginning of the semester. If you for some reason cannot attend the welcome day we would like you to inform us before arrival.