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Projeto ISEL Carbono Zero

Plano de Recuperação e Resiliência

From the Lisbon School of Engineering (ISEL) Carbono Zero project, a residence hall will be created next to ISEL’s campus to accommodate students, teachers and researchers. Integrated in a new polytechnic campus, it was designed from scratch to promote environmental and social sustainability and achieve the goals defined in the Paris Agreement.

With this residence hall, ISEL aims at providing an innovative facility characterized by an enriching atmosphere, where students can enjoy a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. The residence will have a maximum capacity of 230 beds, at reduced prices, and will come into operation in 2025/2026. Financed by the Recovery and Resilience Plan, within the scope of the Affordable Student Accommodation Program with a budget of €7,510,650.00, the project is in the tender launch phase for its construction.


The ISEL Carbono Zero Residence is a fundamental piece in a more comprehensive infrastructure of an eco-campus in an urban environment, which will also feature a research and advanced training HUB, with technological laboratories, training rooms, a startup incubator area and business spaces. This eco-campus is intended to work as a living lab where students acquire knowledge and develop skills, designing and testing innovative solutions and good practices on the campus itself, which can later be transferred to the outside community.

This project will be open to the community at large and aims at a transition to carbon neutrality through the conception and construction of an avant-garde eco-campus which aims to cover areas as relevant as renewable energy or energy and water efficiency, always with a focus on reducing CO2 emissions.

The ISEL Carbono Zero Residence project will also feature spaces and services complementary to the quality of life and the needs of the eco-campus, such as catering spaces, laundry, well-being, among others. An active market consultation for possible entities interested in joining the project is currently underway.