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The Erasmus + Staff program comprises two versions: mobility for teaching missions for teachers (STA) and mobility for training for staff (STT).

Within the scope of STA mobility, the programs include the possibility of lecturing and taking part in other activities integrated in the teaching program of the host institution. Within the scope of STT mobility, the programs are aimed at training in areas of interest to the employee.

These mobility programs allow for experience sharing and the development of practical skills relevant to staff performance. Through the professional, personal, social and cultural development they provide, they are recognized as an asset for both institutions and professionals.

link More info at IPL website: STA program e STT program.

pdf Erasmus+ Staff guide

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Sónia Carvalho "Participating in the Erasmus+ program was a very enriching experience. It is very interesting to see and experience other ways of teaching and learning. I was very well received by colleagues from the University of Brno, with whom I still keep in touch."


Sónia Carvalho (Department of Mathematics)

António Serrador"My first Erasmus experience was in 2005 and consisted of a mission to Finland. In addition to the classes I taught at the Polytechnic of Oulu (next to Nokia and close to Santa Claus), the mission included visits to incubated companies in a nearby incubator shared with the university. The balance was frankly positive: as a result of the contacts made, several ISEL students ended up working for some of these companies.


In 2015, then under the Erasmus+ program, I taught Polytechnic classes in Thessaloniki, Greece (second largest Greek city). In contrast to the prosperous environment found in Finland, there was, as a result of the 2008 crisis and the intervention of the Troika, a deep recession. Even among engineering students, apprehension about the future was dominant. The bonds created still persist in the form of scientific collaboration.


The photos illustrate the cultural sharing and discovery that are the trademark Erasmus experiences: the frozen sea one can drive on and the tasting of Greek cuisine."


António Serrador (Department of Electronical Engineering, Telecommunications and Computers)

Anabela Carneiro "In a rainy and cold November, I landed in Rome for a double experience: a week of work at La Sapienza Universitá di Roma and getting to know a capital that until that week didn't seem that interesting to me. In was really interesting to find out that institutions do not work so differently from country to countryand discovering Rome was, after all, a wonderful surprise and all that remains is for the Trevi Fountain to keep its word: to bring back to Rome anyone who throws a coin on his back to the fountain. I fulfilled my part!"


Anabela Carneiro (Evaluation, Quality and Planning)