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ISEL Privacy and Personal Data Protection Policy

ISEL assumes an institutional commitment to the protection of personal data through a set of practices and procedures that guarantee its implementation and compliance.

ISEL guarantees the safeguarding of the right to protection of all personal data, in accordance with the provisions of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of April 27, 2016, which have been voluntarily provided by its holder and whose treatment was unequivocally authorized by the latter.

Personal data processed by ISEL include name, address, tax identification number (NIF), identity card or citizen card number, social security identification number (NISS), social protection number for employees and agents of the public administration (ADSE), landline and mobile telephone, personal e-mail addresses, make, license plate and model of the vehicle, professional and academic background, and bio metric data, among others.

Privacy and Protection of Personal Data

The access to information that directly concerns its holder is guaranteed, and he/she may request its rectification, addition, deletion, opposition, limitation and portability of his/her personal data. The exercise of rights can be requested by contacting

Personal data that are provided to ISEL are processed for the fulfillment of legal obligations imposed in the pursuit of legitimate interests, or have been subject to prior consent by the holder through a clear positive act that indicates a free, specific, informed and unequivocal expression of will, manifested in a written or oral statement or through the validation of an option.

ISEL communicates to each holder whose personal data has been transmitted any rectification or deletion of data or limitation of treatment carried out in accordance with the current law.
The omission or inaccuracy of personal data or other information provided by the holders is their sole responsibility.

Personal data may be included in automated or partially automated files, which will be used for the purposes expressly indicated when the data was collected, being treated confidentially under the terms of the current legislation at all times.
The personal data processed, as well as those that may been henceforth generated, may be transferred to public and private bodies related to ISEL's activity.

All personal data will be kept by ISEL for different periods of time, depending on the purpose for which they are intended and taking into account legal criteria, necessity and minimization of the retention time for the exercise of the respective rights.

Persons responsible for processing personal data, as well as persons who, in the exercise of their functions, are aware of them, are bound by professional secrecy, under the terms of the law.

Without prejudice to the possibility of complaining to ISEL, the data holder may submit a complaint directly to the supervisory authority, the National Data Protection Commission (CNPD).

Terms and Conditions for subcontractors

ISEL uses subcontractors for the purposes of processing personal data, namely for human resources management, bio metric registration, academic management, financial management, vehicle park management. The aforementioned entities are obliged to develop the appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect the data and ensure the protection of the holder's rights. In certain circumstances, certain personal data may have to be communicated to public authorities, such as tax authorities, courts and security forces.

Terms and Conditions of use of the websites

Accessing and using the website is the sole responsibility of the user and is subject to acceptance of the terms and conditions set out below.

ISEL may change or review the Terms and Conditions transcribed here, and it is the user's responsibility to read and review them whenever accessing the website in order to become aware of any changes made.

In order to use the website, the user is required to previously provide ISEL with certain personal data that will be called "Personal Data" below.

ISEL guarantees the safeguarding of the right to protection of all personal data, in accordance with the provisions of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of April 27, 2016, which have been voluntarily provided by its holder, user of the website, and whose treatment was unequivocally authorized by the latter, which will be processed by ISEL confidentially, under the terms of the current legislation.

Use of Cookies (connection testimonials)

Cookies are small text files stored on computerized devices while ISEL’s website or others are being used. These files do not collect user information that allows them to be directly personally identified, but only generic information related to user preferences by tracing usage profiles, including geographic data, among others.

For complete transparency, the user can disable the use of cookies in the browser. Disabling the use of essential cookies may make it impossible to login to the system and affect some features of the pages.

Types of Cookies Used

Essential / Functional - allow navigation on the website and the use of their functionalities, such as accessing specific areas, secure areas and personalized via login. Without them, some features that require this type of file are no longer available.

Analytics - allow to analyze how users browse websites, monitoring their performance. They make it possible to provide data, pages, most viewed content, navigation paths and access accounting, among others.


Cases omitted from ISEL’s Privacy and Personal Data Protection Policy and situations that cast doubts are resolved by the President of ISEL, taking into account the principles and rules contained in the applicable legislation.

This Policy may be revised at any time by the President of ISEL.

Vr. 02, 02-01-2022