José Manuel de Campos Lages Garcia Simão
Professor Adjunto

José Manuel de Campos Lages Garcia Simão

N.º Mecanográfico




José Simão is a Professor Adjunto at the Engineering School of the Polytechnic Institute of Lisbon (ISEL), where he lectures about programming methodologies, virtualization technologies and computer security. He is part of the coordination board for the Bachelor and Master programs in Informatics and Computers.


He is a researcher at INESC-ID Lisboa in the group of Distributed Systems. Holds a PhD degree in Computer Engineering ( 2015) from University of Lisbon (IST) with the thesis “Economics-inspired Adaptive Resource Allocation and Scheduling for Cloud Environments”. His main research interests are resource management in clusters and cloud infrastructures, with a special focus on scheduling algorithms and virtualization technologies, both at language and system level. He was the main instructor in several short courses about computer security, programming methodologies and technologies, collaborated with the National Security Office, and does specialized consulting for the software industry.

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