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The ISEL and the Higher School of Dance (ESD), on behalf   of the ISEL-Eco-Schools program, participate in the "Time   of the   Planet" initiative that takes place today, March 26, 2022, between 20h30 and 21h30.

We encourage the academic community to participate in the places where they meet in this die/hour. On campus, between 20h30 and 21h30, indoor / outdoor lights will be switched off.  

The "Time   of the   Planet" or "Earth Hour" consists of putting out the lights in the entire world at the same   hour, for 60, in a movement against climate change. This is a worldwide initiative of WWF-World Wide Fund For Nature-(The   Time   of   Planet  -WWF), which first held in 2007 in Australia (that year, more than 2 million Australians and about 2000 companies turned out the lights for 60), and which has been growing from year to year to become in a global sustainability movement with more than 3.5 thousand million people in 192 countries and territories to show their support for this cause by symbolically disconnecting its lights. So, on the last Saturday of March, houses, streets, buildings and monuments put out their lights on   Planet's   Hour, creating an impossible visual memory to ignore.

This year, the action is by the restoration of nature! Natural systems face the greatest global loss ever, putting the essential resources to life on Earth at risk. By being Nature a key ally against climate change, it has become urgent and necessary to repair the damage, restore ecosystems, and join efforts to protect biodiversity. "Move you by Nature" is the challenge that the "Time   of the   Planet" launches this year to the population, united to the European campaign with the same goal. At this time, it is not enough to protect nature-it is essential to restore what we have already destroyed. Protecting what is intact and regaining what is degraded are   two sides of the same coin.